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Module EE223 - Digital & Analogue Electronics 2019/20

Dr Derek molloy is responsible for the Digital and Analogue Electronics module for the 2018/19 academic year. This page provides the important information for students about this module. EE223 is a 5-credit module that takes place in the 2nd year of many of our undergraduate engineering and physics programmes. 

The draft timetable for this module is as follows:


10am to 1pm 
23th Sep
    Lecture     Lecture Lecture-
30th Sep
LectureLecture Lecture Lab Kit Collection
12:00 - 1:00pm

7th Oct
 Lecture Lecture 


14th Oct
Lecture Lecture 


 Lab 1 
Comb Logic
21nd Oct
Lecture Lecture Tutorial

28th Oct
Lecture Lecture

TutorialLab 2
The Diode/Adders
4th  Nov

Lecture Lecture


Lab 3
The Transistor
11th Nov

Open Day 2019 
15th and 16th
18th Nov
 Lecture Lecture Tutorial

Prepare for Lab 4
25th Nov
Lecture Lecture

Lab 4
BCD Counters
2nd Dec
Lecture/Tutorial? Tutorial 

 Lab 5
Arduino ADC/DAC
9th Dec
Exam Paper Tutorial

Exam paper tutorialNo Lecture or Tutorial
Lab 5 Write-up due

Arduino ADC/DAC

All Lectures by Derek Molloy. 

Lab Support from Billy Roarty and Conor Murphy

Lab 1-5 Demonstrators: 

  • Luis Lebron Casas
  • Prajwal Doddaballapura Lakshmijayasimh
  • Niall Lyons
  • Nithin Srinivas

Module Outcomes:

On completion of the full module, the student will:

  • Be able to describe the fundamental terms and principles of simple amplifier and operational amplifier circuits, and also simple diode and transistor circuits.
  • Be able to measure the characteristics of diodes and transistors.
  • Be able to demonstrate the characteristics of basic digital electronic circuit elements.
  • Be able to analyse and design basic digital electronic circuits and systems.
  • Apply knowledge in practical experiences of analogue and digital electronics.
  • Solve practical problems and communicate within a team. 

The full module descriptor is available here: Module Descriptor

The kit used and the contents of the kit used are described here.

The electronics kit available for use in the experiments of this module
(press for larger version)

The kit with component titles
(press for larger version)

Module Updates:

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