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8. Introduction to the Arduino (In Progress)


This experiment introduces the Arduino prototyping platform for use in Digital Electronics. This is a low-cost platform that can be used for electronics project to develop quite impressive embedded systems.

Note: The full set of videos is presented on the YouTube channel: DerekMolloyDCU

Equipment Required:

- Arduino Board
- USB Cable
- LEDs, Resistors, Push-button

NOTE: You will be charged for the replacement of the Arduino board if you do not comply with the following:

- Please ensure that you disconnect the power (i.e. the USB Cable) from the Arduino when you are wiring the circuits that connect to the Arduino.

- Do not short the pins on the board. One mistake that may damage the board is to connect a LED from one of the pins to ground (as an ideal LED acts as a short (in one direction)). This may damage the board. Pin 13 has an on-board resistor and is different. 

Derek Molloy,
14 Sept 2010, 15:34
Derek Molloy,
14 Sept 2010, 15:34