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Appendix: Kit Components List

Please take very good care of this kit. It has taken considerable effort by several individuals to put these kits together for the benefit of students on this module. The hope is that this effort has developed kits that will be used for years to come. Thanks, Derek.

Figure A1 - The components list with the available multimeter
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Figures A1 and A2 show the kit that has been developed for this module. The kit can be borrowed at a date to be announced. Some important points about the kit:
  • You will need to place a deposit of €100 when you borrow the kit. You can borrow the kit for a full semester and will receive your full deposit back if the kit has been well maintained.
  • Don't lose the kit - the replacement cost is higher than the deposit. If you lose the kit you will lose your deposit. It might be a good idea to add a note to the kit with your contact details in case that it is mislaid.
  • If you break components, double check that they are broken and then remove broken components from the kit. Keep a list of any components damaged and we will replace them. Under no circumstance do not place a damaged component back in the kit as this will cause the next student who borrows this kit difficulty.
  • Do not connect a component to power until you are sure that you have connected it correctly. Double check everything before applying power. In particular, make sure that you do not short pins on the Arduino.
  • Please keep components sorted in the containers as described in figure A2, and in the plastic bags where possible, to make it easy for the next student who borrows the kit.
Figure A2 - The Components Kit organised into categories 
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The full list of components is provided in the spreadsheet below. This is the source list that is used and may change over time.

EE223 Components Spreadsheet

Note: The full set of videos is presented on the YouTube channel: DerekMolloyDCU

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