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Laboratory Session 2 - The Diode and Adders


  • To obtain the characteristics of silicon diodes.
  • To study the basic characteristics of LEDs.
  • To build a basic Zener diode regulator
  • To build and test a 1-bit half-adder
  • To test an integrated (pre-built) 4-bit full-adder

Equipment Required:

  • Laboratory Instrument Station.         
  • Lead Kit.                                             
  • Silicon Diode, 1N4001.
  • 1k Resistor.                                         
  • Breadboard.                          
  • Tenma (DMM).
  • 3.3V Zener Diode (1N746A).
You should submit your laboratory write-up electronically at:

There is no template document available for this lab. Please use the same format and style as was used for Laboratory 1.

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